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Democrats are not above doing anything to accomplish their agenda. And the Pentagon is in their crosshairs.

Now a bombshell report exposed the Left’s real plan for the U.S. military.

From fiscal years 2022 to 2024, the Department of Defense (DOD) may spend roughly $270 million in taxpayer monies to advance the diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEI) agenda.

The Department of Defense has increased its spending on DEIA over the last three years, increasing from $68 million in fiscal year 2022 to $86.5 million in fiscal year 2023. However, in the department’s initial request for fiscal year 2024, the sum increased by $28.2 million to $114.7 million.

If the DOD’s initial request for DEIA funds is approved, the department will have spent $269.2 million on diversity programs in fiscal years 2022, 2023, and 2024, an average of $89.7 million each year.

Biden’s Pentagon has frequently sought for more DEI adoptions in its operations. One of the goals of the department’s Strategic Management Plan for fiscal years 2022 to 2026 is to “inculcate DEIA principles across all DOD efforts.”

“DEIA has impacts on both the Department’s workforce and its mission, and therefore it should be examined beyond the traditional human resources lens by which it historically has been viewed,” the strategic management plan reads, also touting the department’s effort to “institutionalize the advancement of DEIA and the value of diversity to the Department’s mission.”

The $68 million dedicated to DEIA programs in fiscal year 2022 was earmarked for the Air Force, with the goal of increasing “training programs and diversity and inclusion initiatives,” with a portion of the funds going to “unconscious bias diversity training” and “increasing aviation scholarships for underrepresented universities Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadets.”

Meanwhile, the $86.5 million in 2023 was designated for “dedicated diversity and inclusion activities,” with the DOD “investing in a number of programs and initiatives aimed at furthering DEIA, and incorporating DEIA values, objectives, and considerations in how we do business and execute our missions.”

It is unclear what the projected $114.7 million requested by the DOD for fiscal year 2024 would be utilized for; however, further information will be revealed in a future “DEIA 2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan.”

While imprecise budget requests provide little insight into the government of Defense’s real DEIA operations, the government has been chastised for more obvious manifestations of Critical Race Theory and the diversity agenda.

According to a recent investigation by The Daily Wire, the National Security Agency (NSA), which is part of the Department of Defense, internally issued a 34-page diversity, equity, and inclusion paper.

The text promotes Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology, using phrases such as “white fragility,” “transmisogny,” “settler colonialism,” and even the forms “ze” and “zir.”

“Our military is not focused on lethality. They’re focused on diversity and climate,” Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, asserted. “That’s going to result in our enemies not fearing us and respecting us as they should.”

Waltz, who currently serves on the House Intelligence Committee, said that government officials “holding the keys to power, those with their finger on the nuclear button or on incredibly powerful surveillance capabilities,” they are being “indoctrinated that our civilian institutions are inherently racist, are systemically misogynistic and have a colonialist past and therefore bad.”

In September 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin appointed General (Ret.) Lester Lyles to chair the Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

The committee, according to Lyles, will “provide the Secretary of Defense with advice and recommendations to improve racial/ethnic diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity as a force multiplier in the military.”

A freedom of information request to West Point revealed that the prestigious military academy was teaching cadets Critical Race Theory, which included a lesson on white people’s racial privilege and the notion that “in order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.”

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley notably endorsed Critical Race Theory in a Congressional hearing, claiming he wanted to “understand white rage.”

The Pentagon also appointed Bishop Garrison, who has called Trump supporters racist, as senior adviser for human resources, diversity, equity, and inclusion to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Garrison went on to lead a Department of Defense working group targeted at combating extremism within the military.

However, the DOD’s embrace of awakened ideology is not confined to Critical Race Theory. Last year, an American Air Force post in Germany planned but ultimately canceled a drag queen story hour presentation for military members’ children.

Democrats in the Senate have declared that any budget proposal from House Republicans that curtails diversity initiatives has “no chance of passing.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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