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Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the Senate. They’ll do whatever it takes to protect it.

And sad news from this U.S. Senator was just covered up by the Left.

Senate Democrats are desperately trying to cling to power.

Unfortunately for them, two major personalities are basically walking corpses, to be frank.

Dianne Feinstein just jumped back – or wheeled rather – into the fray with her return last week.

Since then, she has claimed that she never left and has been at the Capitol and voting even though she’s been recovering at home for months.

Meanwhile, John Fetterman keeps failing to string a coherent sentence together as he shows more and more each day the true toll of his stroke.

But none of this is useful to Democrats, and one reporter was just caught fudging his quotes of Fetterman to make them look better.

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Tuesday, Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein was caught reading Sen. John Fetterman’s (D-PA) prepared remarks rather than his actual statements.

Fetterman returned to the Senate this month following a two-month hiatus to deal with “depression.” Fetterman suffered a stroke on the campaign trail a little more than a year ago, impairing his ability to talk clearly.

Fetterman employs a closed captioning device to understand what others are saying around him.

Stein misquoted Fetterman in a Tuesday tweet, despite sharing a video of Fetterman’s line of questioning.

Fetterman was credited with the following quote by Stein:

Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we bail out your bank? Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP requirements for hungry people than protecting taxpayers that have to bail out these banks.

However, social media users quickly pointed out that Stein’s comment contradicted what Fetterman said in the video.

In truth, Fetterman’s statements were more like this:

Should you have a working requirement after we sail your bank, billions of your bank? Because they seem to be more pre-preoccupied when, then SNAP requirements for works for hungry people, but not about protecting the tax papers will bail no matter whatever does about a bank to crash it.

The next day, Stein deleted his tweet and accused Fetterman’s office for the misquote.

“Yesterday I tweeted this quote, provided to me by the Senator’s office, without checking it against the video. That was my fault,” Stein tweeted. “Though it captured his meaning, I deleted the tweet since some of the words in the quote were inaccurate.”

“Weird way to say a reporter doesn’t verify talking points Dem politicians give him,” Blaze contributor Ben McDonald said in response to Stein’s apology.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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