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We all know Biden has made this country weaker. But this is beyond the pale.

And a National Security official made a terrifying announcement that should scare everyone.

It’s no secret that Biden and his White House are more focused on peddling a woke agenda than ensuring the nation’s military is the best in the world.

From the first moment we started lowering fitness standards all the way to pushing “anti-racist” books like White Fragility on recruits, our readiness has suffered.

Other nations are prepping for a war that may come sooner rather than later.

Russia, for instance, just tested a new strategic nuclear missile and opened the possibility of renewed nuclear weapons tests – the first time they have done so in three decades.

China is building traps for U.S. submarines and planning on building nuclear powered submarines of their own.

But what is the U.S. doing? We’re pontificating about the rampant and critical need for U.S. servicewomen to abort their children.

This week, Biden administration national security official John Kirby referred to abortion as “necessary healthcare,” suggesting that the Pentagon’s controversial policy of using taxpayer funds to fund abortions in the military is critical to national security.

Kirby also claimed that Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL), continued hold on senior military candidates in protest of the abortion policy is “impairing national security.”

After the Department of Defense (DoD) implemented the policy a few months ago, the senator launched his campaign to get abortion out of the military.

Since May of last year, Kirby has served as President Joe Biden’s National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications.

At a Tuesday press conference, a journalist asked Kirby: “If the national security is truly at risk, as the administration says, then isn’t keeping that abortion policy in place in effect superseding national security?”

“I’m not sure I understand,” answered a Biden administration official.

“You want to get the nominations through?” asked the reporter.

The follow-up inquiry appeared to enrage Kirby. “The suggestion is we should just turn our backs on one in five of every person in the United States military, let alone their family members, just so we can get these officers confirmed,” he stated in a high-pitched voice.

Kirby was talking to the proportion of women in the military when he said “one in five” service personnel.

“That’s the suggestion I think you’re elucidating,” Kirby added. “And that just would be an egregious violation of the covenant that we make – the military makes – with the people that sign up and volunteer.”

“People volunteer for this,” he said emphatically. “And when they volunteer for that duty they have every right to expect that they’re going to get the healthcare they need.”

“A healthy force is a ready force,” Kirby stated. “So, don’t talk to me about national security being impaired. The one impairing national security is Sen. Tuberville.”

Kirby outlined why he holds Tuberville responsible:

Not only because he’s depriving the military of necessary leadership in the field and at sea, but he’s also willing to deprive female members of the military, 20% of the force, from neccesary healthcare.

That, both is a violation of national security.

The nations of the world are looking at us and laughing.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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