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The FBI has been under intense heat for the past several months. That’s in large part due to their unconstitutional raid on Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago.

And now an FBI official just fessed up to the most insane crime that will make your jaw drop.

Everyone knows that the FBI and corrupt Deep State schemes go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly.

It’s impossible to separate the two.

Major scandals go decades back as far as the 1940s and 50s when the FBI worked with the federal government to carry out Operation Paperclip, a now well-known declassified conspiracy to funnel Nazi scientists and leaders into the positions within the federal government or working in tangent with the federal government.

One of the more insane scandals in more recent years has to be the FBI’s corrupt conspiracy working with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC to frame Trump for false Russian collusion claims.

It all goes back to the completely fake Steele dossier which contained an alleged conspiracy between Donald Trump and the Russians prior to the 2016 elections to apparently “steal the election.”

It had no shred of credibility whatsoever, but the Fake News Media and the Democrats were all but ready to throw Trump in prison for the accusations.

Of course, today we now know the dossier was a phony and had no truth to it at all. But now Americans are looking for answers.

Now we might be getting some after all this time.

A senior FBI official, Brian Auten, has testified that the FBI literally offered money to Christopher Steele to substantiate the claims of the Steele dossier.

How much did they offer him? Not $5,000. Not $10,000. Not $100,0000.

No, not even $500,000.

The FBI offered $1,000,000 to Christopher Steele for him to prove his claims about Donald Trump.

Fox News writes:

The FBI offered ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele $1 million to corroborate salacious allegations made in his dossier against former President Donald Trump and members of his 2016 campaign, but he was unable to do so, an FBI official testified Tuesday.

If that doesn’t stink of corruption, what does?

Some have claimed these actions from the FBI might have even been felonious.

The FBI doesn’t need to be offering any foreign spies any money to supposedly “substantiate” claims they are making.

That incentivizes falsifying evidence to be offered as proof of their claims to further frame an individual.

In this case, it was, of course, Donald Trump.

The FBI’s dirty laundry is being aired out for everyone to see. And it’s no longer a crazy conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was being framed by the federal government Deep State.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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