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The Hunter Biden story just keeps unfolding and Americans are learning more about the Bidens than they ever did before. This time it came from the mouth of Joe Biden himself.

Because Joe Biden made a confession about Hunter Biden’s crimes that no one saw coming.

Recently, the Washington Post reported that federal prosecutors had collected enough evidence to be able to charge Hunter Biden with multiple crimes, including tax crimes and crimes related to gun purchases.

It was a bombshell piece that quickly spread like wildfire across all the news outlets.

Of course, many Americans want to see justice served in the case of Hunter Biden and not see him get away with it just because he’s the son of a powerful Washington, D.C. political family.

But Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want that stain ahead of critical midterms this November and a massive 2024 election cycle.

It would be all but a death blow considering how unpopular Joe Biden is with voters right now.

So Joe Biden’s taken to the news himself to try to damage control the situation and the narrative surrounding Hunter Biden right now.

Sitting down with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Biden was asked about the latest charges that could be coming Hunter’s way and what his thoughts were on the whole situation.

Biden’s response was head-scratching for sure.

Joe claimed started by saying he’s “proud” of Hunter.

He then damage-controlled the situation by saying “many families” have had family members who are addicted to hard drugs like Hunter Biden was.

While it’s certainly true that drug abuse has been a growing issue for families in the United States, the idea that everything can be swept under the rug now because he’s a “different person now” is just foolish.

Joe Biden even acknowledges in the interview that his drug abuse didn’t end until just a couple of years ago.

Watch the whole clip below:

Obviously, it’s a good thing that Hunter is past the drug abuse. And Joe Biden being there for his son is what you should expect from a father.

But if Biden’s crimes are worthy of a charge, then he should be charged just like any other person would be.

And if Hunter Biden somehow comes away from this without any consequences, you can be sure the American people will want answers.

It would seem like yet another powerful family getting away with crimes that anyone else wouldn’t be able to get away with just because of their political influence.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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