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The Trump case in trial has been a clown show. But this latest court news is unbelievable.

Because a federal prosecutor has admitted that the judge in Trump’s case has been compromised.

Everyone knew before the Trump “hush money” trial began that it would be a complete and utter train-wreck and a poor display of the American legal system “working” out. No one thought that this would be a reasonable trial in any sense of the word. Even radical far-Leftists knew this to be true, and they even praise this.

It’s certainly lived up to expectations as well. Thus far, Donald Trump has been hit with countless, pointless gag orders to try and get him to just sit down and shut up. Obviously, this is disregardful of the fact that Donald Trump is a former president and currently the leading candidate for president this election year.

It’s all a political clown show, but there’s something more sinister that might be going on behind the curtains, specifically with regards to the judge overseeing the case — Juan Merchan.

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the Trump trial with Fox employee Trace Gallagher. In McCarthy’s opinion, there’s no chance that the Trump case will be dismissed after it’s been made clear that the prosecution has one of the weakest arguments ever against the former president.

Not only that, but McCarthy seemed to imply that the reason why the judge won’t dismiss the case is because he has a daughter who is an extreme radical “progressive” Leftist who is probably in his ear convincing him to keep the clown show going.

“What we’re not hearing is a single word of any kind of testimony that Trump had the campaign-finance laws in his mind at all,” McCarthy began to share with Trace Gallagher.

“I don’t think these transactions are federal campaign expenditures and I’m not alone in that. Bragg is trying to suggest to the jury that they are by having his lawyers, or his prosecutors, tell the jury that Cohen has pled guilty to campaign-finance crimes and having Pecker testify he entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the government regarding campaign finance, but neither one of those things is admissible evidence against Donald Trump,” he added.

Furthermore, he noted that he believes there’s “no proof” of the fraud the prosecution is trying to substantiate.

“There is no proof of fraud here, much less fraud that included violating the campaign laws,” Mr. McCarthy went on to say.

That’s when he dropped the real bombshell during his appearance on Fox News. He said that he finds it “hard to believe” that judge Merchan will be willing to dismiss the case when his daughter is a known Democrat operative.

According to McCarthy, Merchan is under pressure to not be the “judge who threw out a case against Trump,” because of the influences around him. He would go down in history as an enemy of the extremely vocal radical Left.

“There is no proof of fraud here, much less fraud that included violating the campaign laws, but I keep asking, does this judge want to be the judge who threw out a case against Trump, especially when his daughter’s a progressive operative who does work for the Democrats who define themselves by loathing Trump,” said former prosecutor McCarthy.

“I just find it hard to believe he’s the guy who would do that,” he finished.

If McCarthy is remotely correct that judge Merchan is potentially compromised by political influence to keep this case going when there’s no legs for it, then Merchan needs to be investigated immediately.

On the flip side, if the Left was expecting more success out of these legal attacks being launched against former President Donald Trump, then they have to be utterly surprised by what the real result has been.

The real result thus far has been Donald Trump dominating the polls as the presidential election heats up. Most Americans are looking at the prosperity that America was experiencing under Donald Trump, sans the unpredictable 2020 pandemic, and wondering if he should be in the Oval Office once again.

You can watch the Fox News clip below:

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