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There’s no getting away from this one. Biden’s been caught red-handed.

Because Fox News has Joe Biden dead to rights committing this heinous crime.

Fox News managed to film Border Patrol officers releasing illegal immigrants into the country near the southern border, but these were not your typical illegal immigrants.

They originated in China rather than Mexico or Central America.

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley were seen in a video uploaded on Twitter on Monday by Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins rounding up a group of illegal Chinese immigrants.

But things only worsen. The following day, Jenkins shared another video of Border Patrol officials releasing a group of Chinese nationals with court appearance notices in Brownsville, Texas.

They were reportedly given to an NGO since a regular facility is unable to accommodate them.

This is quite unsettling. It is alarming enough to see large groups of illegal immigrants from Latin America enter the country, but it is simple to comprehend how they manage to do so.

The troubling nature of the problem is demonstrated by the ease with which Chinese nationals can enter America illegally from the opposite side of the globe.

This is made worse by the status of ties between the United States and China.

The Chinese government is acting more aggressively toward Taiwan and the United States, and many people worry that a battle between the two major superpowers of the globe is imminent. China is possibly our greatest foreign opponent.

In light of this, some have understandably questioned whether these weren’t simply illegal immigrants but rather spies and agents deployed by the Chinese government.

Sen. J.D. Vance is one among them. In response to this discovery, he tweeted, “Will they spy on Americans? Collect intelligence on our military installations? Our own government apparently doesn’t care to find out.”

This needs to be taken seriously by the Biden administration. Because it is possible that they will just blend in with the general populace, Border Patrol cannot simply release these individuals with a slip of paper stating their court date.

A hostile foreign nation’s citizens are pouring into the United States, potentially undermining the country’s ability to fight war if necessary. This poses a serious threat to national security.

Beyond merely illegal immigration, the southern border dilemma also involves protecting the nation from hostile foreign powers.

But don’t expect Joe Biden and the Democrats to lift a finger on this issue. They likely wouldn’t even know what to do if they wanted to do anything at all.

What a great job our border czar Kamala Harris has been doing, right?

… right?

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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