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Everyone knows the RNC has a RINO problem. Now Donald Trump is cleaning house.

And the former president’s key endorsement sent the RNC into total panic.

Former President Donald Trump’s nominee for Republican National Committee co-chair stated that she would be “honored” to help head the organization and emphasized how vital the coming months will be for Republicans.

While current RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has not yet stepped down, Lara Trump has begun to make her case for what she would push for if elected to a leadership role in the party.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Lara Trump underlined that the RNC has “a lot of work to get done” in the next ten months before the election.

“I think there’s no time to wait, so we have 10 months to go, really before what I think we can all feel right now in this country is the most important election any of us have ever seen. We are poised to lose the country. like I just said, everyone sees it, everyone feels it. The world is destabilized right now because you have bad leadership at the top,” Trump said.

“We need Donald Trump to be back in that White House. We need to expand our lead in the house. We need to take back the Senate, and you don’t win a presidential campaign without the aid of the Republican National Committee. And so if I am chosen as co-chair, what I can tell you is that we really do have a lot of work to get done,” she added.

Lara Trump then discussed how the RNC has to strengthen efforts to litigate election integrity challenges, as well as increase Republican participation in mail-in and early voting, as well as legal ballot harvesting.

She also stated that the RNC must make individuals feel comfortable donating to the committee by advocating for Donald Trump and other Republicans to be elected. The former president has not yet secured the Republican nomination, but he is largely expected to do so.

“I think we need to raise a lot of money. We know the Democrats have a mountain of it right now, and we need to do the same. So I think you need to reestablish that people can feel good about donating to the RNC, which right now, you know, some people aren’t really sure how is their money being spent?” Lara Trump said.

“What I can assure you is if I am there, I will make sure that every single penny donated to the RNC goes to electing Donald Trump, and, again, extending our lead in the House and taking back the Senate,” she added.

Last week, Donald Trump revealed his slate of nominees for RNC leadership, including North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley as chairman, Lara Trump as co-chairwoman, and his co-campaign manager Chris LaCivita as committee COO.

Rumors have circulated that McDaniel may step down after the GOP’s South Carolina presidential primary this week, with Trump’s nominees seen as the front-runners to take over the RNC if existing leadership steps down.

“We have a lot of work to do. There’s a little time to go between now and Nov. 5. And look, we’re gonna hit the ground running as soon as — and if I am — elected co-chair of the RNC,” Lara Trump said on Sunday.

If the Trump family can successfully rip the reins from the RINOs, then the floodgates of funding and messaging will be unleashed.

Not only that, but this would cement the Trump family’s influence in politics for years to come.

If Trump wins a second term, and the RNC is headed by a Trump, then the establishment will officially be dead in the Republican Party.

But there’s still plenty of months to go, and plenty of race left.

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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