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The United States is in danger. New details are coming in every day to prove that fact.

And the FBI made a stunning statement that has alarming consequences for America.

Thanks to Joe Biden, the United States is in greater danger now than at any time during President Trump’s tenure.

Under Biden’s watch, the world has inched ever closer to nuclear war thanks to his saber-rattling in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Afghanistan fell under his so-called leadership, and thirteen American lives were lost.

Now the terror is coming to America, and there’s nothing Americans can do.

According to reports, the FBI is looking for more than a dozen Uzbek illegal immigrants who are thought to have been brought into the country by someone with ties to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

Surprisingly, according to media accounts, Biden administration officials believe this is a positive example of the system “working” to safeguard Americans.

CNN reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration released Uzbek people into the American interior earlier this year after they arrived at the southern border requesting refuge.

The suspects were reportedly checked for “red flags,” but it wasn’t until after their release that the FBI found a smuggling ring operating out of Uzbekistan in collaboration with one Turkish smuggler who has collaborated with ISIS.

The event “kicked off a flurry of urgent meetings among top national security and administration officials,” according to the media site.

According to Adrienne Watson, a spokesman for the National Security Council, “there was no indication — and remains no indication — that any of the individuals facilitated by this network have a connection to a foreign terrorist organization or are engaged in plotting a terrorist attack in the United States.”

However, official sources told CNN that “more than 15 of the migrants tracked down are still being investigated by the FBI as possible criminal threats.”

“We continually assess our security architecture to ensure that we are best poised to respond to threats to the homeland,” Watson added.

“Moreover, we will continue to constantly recalibrate our screening, vetting, and processing of those encountered entering the United States to ensure that we are taking into account the most up-to-date information at our disposal and with an unyielding commitment to protecting Americans and the homeland from the full range of potential threats.”

CNN’s research also reveals that even if the Biden administration was aware of the suspected ISIS ties, it may have permitted the Uzbek illegal immigrants to enter the country since the Turkish smuggler could have been working as a contractor rather than on behalf of the Islamic State.

Surprisingly, some Biden administration officials told CNN that the border crisis symbolizes the administration’s attempts to secure the border and is “an example of the system working as it should.”

After allowing illegal aliens into the country, liberal logic would have Americans take solace in the fact that the U.S. responded to a potential threat.

But the threat should’ve never been there to begin with.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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