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Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi is known for being quite the authoritarian. She doesn’t take criticism well at all.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi started foaming at the mouth when she heard what her colleague had to say about her.

Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker was a complete and absolute failure for Americans who value freedom.

Nancy Pelosi made it her goal to worsen America’s situation during her time as Speaker of the House by introducing numerous wasteful spending laws, pointless witch hunts, partisan initiatives, and other activities.

Major changes are anticipated in the House now that conservative House members pushed Kevin McCarthy’s feet to the fire before he was elected Speaker.

Additionally, a lot of Congressmen are now speaking out against Nancy Pelosi’s abuse of authority.

Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania’s 10th district is one such representative.

During a recent appearance on ABC’s This Week, Perry was open and honest about Nancy Pelosi’s sneaky and dubious strategies.

As per Perry, “With all due respect, Nancy Pelosi ran Congress like a prison camp with no accountability. You know, the American people are very, very tired of this gang of seven, gang of eight, literally seven or eight people, or just a few people in Washington, D.C., running all of the policy for the American people.”

He continued on saying, “We can’t just keep doing the same thing under the same conditions with the same management and expect different outcomes. The American people are sick and tired of this endless debt increasing.”

Some people are shocked by Representative Perry’s comments, but anyone who closely followed Pelosi’s era of misrule will not be surprised by them in the end.

Nancy Pelosi was unquestionably the most far-left Speaker to ever hold office, and her time in office was defined by a series of radical decisions.

She never once thought about bringing America together or taking a step that would genuinely make America better.

Nancy Pelosi was more concerned with padding her own bank account and submitting to the extremist Left’s extreme agenda.

Don’t anticipate too much from the new Republican-led House, even though Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, unless McCarthy and the RINOs are made to meet their pledges.

Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate, which restricts the House’s ability to pass laws, and Kevin McCarthy isn’t exactly the most conservative with moral principles.

However, the uprising against McCarthy did result in some significant changes to the way the House is operated and how legislation is introduced.

Expect Jim Jordan, other conservatives who uphold conservative principles, and others to investigate actual crimes committed by the Biden administration rather than subjecting the country to endless witch hunts like the impeachment trials and phony January 6 hearings.

Expect House Republicans to use their new position to expose the Left’s numerous dubious plans and crimes, whether it be the border crisis, Big Tech censorship, or the corruption of the Biden Crime Family.

Though the jury is still out on how well a McCarthy-led GOP House will do, the early results have been promising.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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