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Democrats love to point the finger at conservatives as the “corrupt” ones. But their cover has been blown.

Because this surprise FBI raid has sent Joe Biden and the Democrats running for the hills.

On Thursday, the FBI reportedly raided the offices of Baltimore’s “Safe Streets” program due to suspicions that the effort paid for by taxpayers in the community initiative is entangled with the exact gang members it is meant to shine a light on.

After sinking so much of the city’s tax money into the program, which was supposed to reduce criminal activity on the streets but has become a nuisance for many due to its lack of honesty and accountability, the raid had top Democrats in the city screaming for cover.

According to the city’s webpage on the initiative, Safe Streets was established in 2007 to serve as a go-between for the municipality and the law enforcement and local gangs as crime rates continued to rise throughout the city.

Safe Streets has been the leading initiative in Baltimore to reduce gun violence since its inception in 2007. Cure Violence is a public health initiative developed by epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin in 2000 that employs community leaders as intermediaries in the spread of violence. Interrupters of violence disseminate anti-violence messages and mobilize support for behavioral and cultural shifts that reduce violent incidents.

The residents of 10 different “catchment zones” covering a combined 2.6 square miles are provided services by “Safe Streets,” according to the program description.

Naturally, tax dollars support this initiative. To quote Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer, a councilman representing the 5th District, “These Safe Streets workers are City employees, their salaries are paid for with taxpayer dollars.”

The FBI has not provided an explanation for the raid on the program’s Belair-Edison facility that took place on Thursday. However, sources close to the investigation told WBFF that the bureau was investigating a probable gang connection.

Two employees’ houses were also searched by the FBI.

Safe Streets was supposed to aid replace police officers in preventing gang conflict, but it has instead proven to be just another example of left-wing nonsense trying to pass as law enforcement. Residents of Baltimore have been trying, without success, to trace the program’s vanishing tax monies.

Schleifer claimed that the news of the FBI raiding the policemen did not come as a surprise to him.

“It’s not surprising at all. We’ve been, myself and a couple of colleagues, have been very vocal on just standard accountability and transparency. And we’ve gotten none of that,” he said.

Schleifer added that he’s been attempting to shed light on the problems for a while now but keeps getting shut down.

“When you have this degree of lack of transparency and you have to go to such an extent to try to silence anybody who is asking questions, it begs the question of why? What are you hiding? What do you know that you don’t want other people to know?” he asked, according to local media outlets.

“I think the key thing here is what are we actually funding? We like to understand what the program is, to understand what return there is on the money that’s going there, and we have yet to get those answers,” Schleifer explained.

“Obviously serious allegations. It would be serious allegations if anybody had that happened to them. So, I look forward to finding out more about what happened and what the investigation holds and see what comes out of it,” another councilwoman from the 14th district added on the matter.

Mark Conway, the council’s leader of the Public Safety and Government Operations Committee, said the potential gang raid was “concerning.”

“This is concerning to see and I am seeking additional information. We should always expect public safety agencies and those that receive city funds to carry out important public safety initiatives to follow the law,” Conway stated in a press release.

The FBI is certainly no shining city on a hill, at least not anymore. In recent years, they’ve been caught red-handed targeting Christian conservatives who dare to speak out at local school board meetings.

Or consider how the FBI has unfairly and unconstitutionally raided dozens of pro-lifers and their homes just because they were willing to stand up to the Abortion Lobby that controls so many deep blue cities.

That being said, it’s nice to see the radical Democrats getting a taste of their own medicine. If the Democrats want to continue to weaponize the government against their political enemies, they have to know that it’s going to come back their way.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal for more updates on this developing story.

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