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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking the Biden administration to task. But that comes with consequences.

And now Greg Abbott can’t believe what Mexico is doing with the Biden administration.

In response to a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice last week demanding the demolition of Texas’ floating border barrier in the Rio Grande, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador lashed out at the state’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott.

Lopez Obrador made the remarks during a news conference on Wednesday morning. “We celebrate that President Joe Biden is presenting this complaint because it is not his to meddle in international affairs,” he said.

“It is the faculty of the federal executive. States are not supposed to have any type of accords with foreign nations. But we have to look at it for what it is; it’s a publicity stunt.”

Abbott claimed that the Biden administration had abandoned its duty to defend the border, so in July he ordered the installation of a 1,000-foot-long buoy barrier in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas.

Lopez Obrador remarked during his conference that the border wall is dividing people when they should be unified.

“He is doing everything for votes,” Lopez Obrador charged.

“I think it’s going to be counterproductive for him. I don’t think people are going to vote for him. They are not going to vote for him.”

The president of Mexico claimed that many Texans are of Hispanic heritage and that many migrant workers from Latin America will vote against Abbott.

Lopez Obrador has already urged the Hispanic community to stand in opposition against Republicans. Hispanics in Florida, he said in May, should not support Ron DeSantis for president in 2024 because of the governor’s tough position on illegal immigration.

According to a transcript of his daily press briefing, Lopez Obrador said, “I hope the Hispanics of Florida wake up and don’t give him a vote, that they don’t vote for those who persecute migrants, those who don’t respect migrants, because the migrant, as it is said in the Bible, deserves respect.”

In addition to suing the state of Texas over the maritime buoy barrier, the Biden administration recommended federal protection for two species of freshwater mussels spotted in the Rio Grande last week.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to list the Salina mucket and the Mexican fawnsfoot mussel as endangered species and to establish critical habitat for them under the Endangered Species Act.

If the mussels are listed as endangered, Abbott may be required to remove the barrier and Texas may be barred from placing further buoys in the border river, which would be classified as a “critical habitat.”

As for the Mexican President, it’s clear that he is trying to align himself more closely with the Democrats in America because they are not holding him accountable.

Mexico doesn’t want to deal with illegal immigration issues, so if there’s a way he can get immigrants into the United States rather than on the Mexico side, he’s going to go down that route.

What’s concerning is that the Democrats and the Biden administration simply don’t care. They are seemingly content to work more closely with the Mexican President to make sure nothing happens rather than support the efforts of Greg Abbott in protecting Texan citizens.

But this could bite them back because the American people consistently label the southern border crisis as a top issue for the 2024 election cycle. And it’s abundantly clear that the Biden administration has failed on that front.

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