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Politics can get messy sometimes. But it should never come down to this.

And now a fight broke out in the White House that has Democrats gripped with fear.

A new extensive investigation on President Joe Biden’s failure to protect the United States’ southern border showed that the crisis Biden created has prompted internal turmoil within the White House, exacerbating the situation.

According to Axios, Biden is prone to unpredictable emotional outbursts over the matter, having shouted at aides and cabinet officials and becoming increasingly difficult to be around when the subject is brought up.

The report said that Biden’s angry outbursts have contributed to inaction and indecisiveness on how to deal with the issue.

While Axios, a Left-wing publication, attempted to absolve the administration of the border crisis it caused, some officials who spoke on the record said that “the administration has fallen far short” in terms of taking executive action “within its control” to help resolve the crisis.

The report described Vice President Kamala Harris, who Biden appointed to mend the border, as inept or outright incompetent in her role.

“She’s been at best ineffective, and at worst sporadically engaged and not seeing it was her responsibility,” one former administration official told the publication.

“It’s an opportunity for her, and she didn’t fill the breach.”

Some members of the administration wanted to enforce immigration laws and punish illegal aliens, but far-Left activists ultimately won because the administration chose not to secure the border and instead prioritized accommodating the millions of illegal aliens who enter the United States each year under Biden.

When Biden took office, he instantly revoked Trump’s border security measures, allowing the rest of the world to enter the United States via the southern border.

The report said that the crisis has gotten so bad that Biden is considering “embracing immigration policies he ran against in 2020 — such as restricting asylum laws and suggesting he’ll ‘shut down’ the border.”

According to the report, Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice caused a lot of internal turmoil within the administration by being hostile to others, including referring to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra as a “b***h-a*s” and an “idiot.”

She has also had encounters with Harris, whom she says was involved in an attempt to prevent her from becoming Biden’s vice presidential nominee.

The rampant dysfunction in the White House is yet another reason there needs to be a change.

Put politics aside for a second, even Democrats are realizing how untenable the situation is.

Depending on who you talk to, Biden is either a forgetful man or completely senile.

But you want to know what no one says?

“Biden is a competent and effective leader.”

Democrats know it, Republicans know it, and, most importantly, voters know it.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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