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Democrats love to play the virtue signaling game. But now they’re being exposed.

Because a top Democrat Senator is on the hot seat after making this shockingly racist comment on camera.

Democrats have long claimed to be the Party that is accepting of all people from all walks of life under the banner of so-called “diversity”.

Of course, that same “diversity” is a lie. Democrats don’t care about minority groups like Hispanics, or Blacks, or any other “victim” group that needs a savior in the eyes of the Democrats.

Just look at the way the Democrats talk about people who aren’t in the political class. Who can forget when Joe Biden told a black man that if he didn’t vote for him over Trump in 2020, that meant he wasn’t black.

Now another high-profile Democrat has been caught on camera making some borderline (or outright, depending on who you ask) racist comments just to make a political point.

Who is it this time? Good ol’ Senator Jerry Nadler from New York. It’s always something with northern Democrats, right?

“Vegetables would rot in the ground” if illegal immigrants weren’t around to harvest them, claimed New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler on Thursday.

During the opening statement at a committee hearing titled “The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Social Services,” Nadler made this now controversial statement about illegal immigrants being crop pickers. The hearing was sponsored by the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement. The subcommittee counts Nadler as an ex officio member due to his position as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“We need immigrants in this country,” Nadler said. “Forget the fact that the farm… vegetables would rot in the ground if they weren’t being picked by many immigrants — many illegal immigrants!”

In December, more than 300,000 people entered the United States illegally. United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data shows that there have been nearly 380,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border during the first two months of fiscal year 2024, which started on October 1. At that pace, fiscal year 2024’s encounters with illegal immigrants at the southern border would exceed 2023’s by about ten percent.

In 2022, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott started busing migrants to New York City and other so-called “sanctuary” cities, and plenty of them have ended up in Democrat-dominated cities like Chicago and New York.

Of course, once the immigrants arrive in the Democrat sanctuary cities, these same Democrats tell them they aren’t welcome.

“The fact is, the birth rate in this country is way below replacement level,” Senator Nadler said.

It should be noted that Nadler is a staunch supporter of abortion, which doesn’t seem all too compatible with his concern about the birth rate of American society.

Despite heavy opposition from both Democrats in Congress and the White House, H.R. 2, also known as the Secure the Border Act, was approved by a 219-213 vote on May 11 in the House of Representatives. Republicans have threatened to shut down the government until a compromise funding measure is enacted, demanding that elements from the legislation be included.

Funding the government with $1.590 trillion in expenditures until the end of Fiscal Year 2024 was the goal of GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s bipartisan arrangement this week.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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