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West Virginia U.S. Senator Joe Manchin is a thorn in the side of the Democrats. His refusal to become radicalized is a roadblock for the Dems.

And now Joe Manchin is about to sink the Democrat Party with a huge announcement.

There’s probably no one in Washington, D.C. with more power to impact the immediate future of America in the 2024 election than U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.

The reason for that is that he could be the one who decides both the control of the U.S. Senate chamber in Congress as well as the White House.

It’s unknown if he’s going to run for another term for his Senate seat and he’s been playing his cards close to his chest.

But rumors have been flying around that he won’t be seeking another term. That alone would be devastating as it would almost guarantee that his seat would go to a Republican and become instrumental to seeing Republicans take back the chamber so soon.

There’s also been murmurs that Manchin is eyeing a bid for the White House for 2024 as well. That would be devastating for the Democrats.

Not because he has any chance at all that he would win. But because he would be giving up his seat and potentially making it even more difficult for Joe Biden to win in 2024.

Democrats are now sounding the alarm on this possibility, going on record that they are begging him to not launch a 2024 bid.

“I have advised him against it. I think it would be a terrible idea,” said the U.S. Senate Democrat from Colorado John Hickenlooper.

“It would help Donald Trump,” he added.

The U.S. Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal also went on record saying that a Manchin White House bid would help Donald Trump get a second term.

“I’m hardly original in thinking that a third-party candidate would have unpredictable and unknown consequences that certainly could be in favor of Donald Trump,” Blumenthal shared with the media.

Manchin responded to these concerns by pointing out the Democrats hypocrisy that goes back to 1992.

“Then how did Ross Perot get Bill Clinton elected?” Manchin asked rhetorically.

In 1992, Ross Perot split the vote of the conservative base that helped Bill Clinton get elected when Perot ran a popular third-party bid. Most political experts believe that if Perot hadn’t run, Bush likely would’ve won another term.

Democrats swear that Bill Clinton would’ve won regardless. So Manchin is pointing out that the Democrats are being hypocritical by saying that he would be handing Trump the presidency if Manchin launches a bid himself.

Manchin said he’s keeping his options open, but at this point the Democrats are trying to do damage control. It’s unlikely he’s going to make a 2024 move that will satisfy the national Democrat establishment.

Republicans are reveling in this chaos that the Democrats have to contend with now. And frankly, it’s good for America.

The Democrats have done irreparable damage to America with control of the White House and the U.S. Senate. Manchin likely knows this and is trying to find a way to distance himself from the Democrat Party once and for all.

If you’re Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, you probably want to send Manchin a gift if he decides to run because that will all but guarantee a huge win come November 2024. Not just for the White House, but also for having a likely Republican House of Representatives and Senate.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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