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President Biden was not expecting this at all. His own admin has betrayed him.

Because Joe Biden was delivered news from his admin that proved Trump right all along.

Roll back the clocks to 2020 and many conservatives and Donald Trump himself said they were skeptical about the idea that the COVID-19 virus came about naturally.

Trump often suggested that the virus leaked out of China, and that’s why he called it the “Chinese virus”.

The so-called “health” experts in the U.S. all said this was just a silly conspiracy theory and that anyone who suggested that the virus leaked out of China was untrustworthy.

We all watched as social media giants like Facebook and Twitter even cracked down on users who shared any differing opinion on the issue of COVID-19. These platforms even went so far as to suspend users for what were actually very reasonable thoughts.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) – who is a doctor – was suspended from YouTube and Twitter for saying that cloth masks did not help prevent infection, which is an opinion shared by many health professionals.

And just recently, The New York Times published a stunning opinion piece that cited a scientific study that proved that masks were not as helpful as the so-called “experts” like Anthony Fauci said.

And now we have stunning proof that anyone who suggested that the China leak theory was “misinformation” is full of it.

The Department of Energy recently sent a classified report to the White House and some members of Congress that argued that the COVID-19 virus most likely leaked out of a Wuhan, China lab.

Newsmax reports:

The Energy Department has jurisdiction over a network of U.S. laboratories and some conduct advanced biological research, making this new intelligence a significant revelation — albeit a judgment the department hedged with a label of “low confidence,” sources told the Journal.

The FBI reached a conclusion in 2021 that there’s “moderate confidence” that the COVID-19 virus leaked out of a lab from China as well, and the Department of Energy is the most recent agency to join in on that theory.

Newsmax also notes that the FBI and the Department of Energy came to these conclusions by different sources of intel.

Reports indicate that four government agencies have said they concluded a “low confidence” that the virus was transmitted to humans from animals, which was the theory assumed by the “experts” like Anthony Fauci.

Outlets have noted that the CIA and another agency that has remained unnamed is undecided on where the COVID-19 virus originated from.

In October of last year, Republicans in the U.S. Senate said in a report that it is “highly problematic” that we currently do not have great confidence in knowing the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

This was after some within the federal government started to figure out that the dogmatized position that the COVID-19 virus had nothing to do with a Chinese lab leak was actually a bunch of bologna.

All this new information should be a lesson that we take to heart so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Any science that can’t be questioned isn’t real science. And anyone who says their opinion can’t be questioned can’t be trusted.

Now the American public can see how the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t be trusted ever again.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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