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Many believe President Biden’s just a Party puppet. Now we know for certain.

Because a Democrat just confessed to the nation that Joe Biden’s fully lost control.

At 81-years-old, looking at 82 come this November, Joe Biden was always going to be in decline. While there’s plenty of people at that age who are handling themselves quite well and are sharp as a knife, Joe Biden isn’t exactly one of them. It’s not like anyone is improving at that age either.

This has all led to many theories being thrown around, as some people believe that Joe Biden simply isn’t in charge anymore. He’s just a warm body in the Oval Office for the Democrats to use whenever they need him, as the story goes.

There’s even been many political experts who are saying that they believe it’s entirely possible Joe Biden is pulled at the last second from running for a second term for president against the surging Donald Trump.

If the Democrats are trying to keep this hush hush, they aren’t exactly doing a good job. Even Democrats in Congress are speaking out against Joe Biden out of concern that he might ruin the 2024 election for them by appearing at the top of the ballot everywhere.

Democrat Representative Marie Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington highlighted on Monday the concerning lack of “operational control” the federal government faces at the southern border, urging a return to enforcement policies from the Trump era.

As a centrist within the House Democrat caucus, Gluesenkamp Perez emphasized the necessity for President Joe Biden to reinstate two pivotal policies: Remain in Mexico and Title 42. These policies, widely employed during the Trump administration, were phased out upon Biden’s inauguration. Since then, there has been a notable surge in illegal immigration, marked by millions of migrant encounters at the southern border.

Addressing the issue during an NPR interview, Gluesenkamp Perez underscored the misguided nature of framing immigration policies solely within the context of racial bias. She emphasized the tangible impact on communities, particularly in rural and working-class areas, often ravaged by the opioid crisis.

“I think it’s been one of the fundamental mistakes around immigration to debate whether or not an immigration policy is, you know, motivated by racial animus… and by the way, I think a lot of them are. But a lot of people in rural and working class communities like mine, we come from communities that have been hollowed out by fentanyl,” the House Democrat shared in her NPR interview.

Echoing her stance, she stated, “We are demanding operational control of the southern border,” stressing that the core issue lies in the lack of such control rather than immigration itself.

Specifically advocating for the revival of Remain in Mexico and Title 42, Gluesenkamp Perez urged Biden to utilize his authority under the former and called for Congress to restore the presidential expulsion authority under the latter.

“Biden needs to exercise his existing authority under Remain in Mexico and Congress needs to give him back the presidential expulsion authority under Title 42,” she declared confidently.

Remain in Mexico, or Migrant Protection Protocols, mandated asylum seekers to await their immigration court proceedings in Mexico, thereby deterring the inclination to vanish into the U.S. interior. Biden terminated this program after assuming office.

Title 42, a pandemic-era policy enabling rapid deportation of apprehended migrants, was rescinded as the Biden administration ended the COVID-19 health emergency, despite nearly three million turn-backs under its purview.

Gluesenkamp Perez found support among fellow House Democrats, including Representatives Jared Golden of Maine, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, Mary Peltola of Alaska, and Don Davis of North Carolina, all urging the reinstatement of these critical policies. Their advocacy intensified after the House failed to vote on a border security bill proposed by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Reflecting a shifting sentiment among Americans, including Democrat voters, towards stricter border enforcement, Gluesenkamp Perez noted that, for the first time, a majority of respondents in a Monmouth University poll supported the construction of a border wall. Additionally, an Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll revealed that over half of Americans, including 42% of Democrats, favored mass deportation of illegal immigrants.

Gluesenkamp Perez lamented the entrenched polarization obstructing meaningful solutions to the border crisis, singling out the House Freedom Caucus for derailing a bipartisan immigration agreement brokered in the Senate. Despite acknowledging the complexity of the issue, she emphasized the need to “depoliticize” the discourse and strive for solutions aligned with the nation’s values.

“It’s not just about racial animus. It’s about having a predictable level playing field that reflects the values of our country,” Perez added in her interview.

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