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Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just won’t go away. She still has hopes for the White House.

But Hillary Clinton just made the most idiotic statement that you won’t ever believe.

In the eyes of American public, the Clintons are a disgrace and an embarrassment who represent everything Americans have come to hate about the political establishment.

Hillary Clinton in particular has come across as insufferable and untrustworthy.

Conservatives have long known that she is a power maniac who can’t be trusted with anything because she will lie through her teeth to hold on to her power.

But she’s even fallen out of grace with the far-Left base that she used to rely on for her political career.

The reason for that is her loss to Donald Trump in 2016. The establishment was so shaken up by Donald Trump winning in 2016, they turned on Hillary Clinton and blamed her for running a poor campaign and changed their tune about how good of a candidate she actually was.

Before her loss, she was the “perfect” radical far-Left candidate who would take up the mantle of Barack Obama for the extremist “progressive” left. But after her loss, she was labeled “too extreme” and an establishment insider who now couldn’t be trusted.

Some have argued that the Democrat Party may tap Hillary Clinton to run for office if they find themselves in a pinch for the 2024 election or even the 2028 election.

If her latest antics are any indication, that would be a disaster for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton herself.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton attended a feminist convention called the “30/50 Summit” in Abu Dhabi.

In discussion with the MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska as well as others, Hillary Clinton said that “women and children are the primary victims” of so-called climate change.

She also said that this is apparently evident in Ukraine.

“Women and children are the primary victims of conflict and of climate change and there is no place that unfortunately, tragically, shows us that more dramatically than Ukraine today,” Clinton said.

We at the DC Daily Journal truly have no idea how that remotely makes any sense whatsoever.

First of all, climate change is hotly debated and scientists have not come to a consensus that the world is going to end in 20 years if we don’t all start driving Teslas and stop eating burgers right now, which is what the Democrats would have you believe.

But even if that was the case, how in the world would climate change be targeting women in particular and setting women back?

Wouldn’t men be subject to the same climate change as well, everyone else in the world?

Truly a ridiculous statement for Clinton to make.

This wasn’t the only incredibly witless thing she said at the 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi. She also tried to claim that COVID-19 somehow “set back” the “advancement” of women.

It’s clear that she’s just grasping for straws to win some points with radical feminists who just want to hear about how oppressed they are, no matter how ridiculous the claims are.

Could she be angling for a rebirth of her political career that was once considered dead? If so, it’s hard to imagine the American people would buy into this nonsense.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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