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Americans everywhere are worried about Biden’s ability to serve. He can’t help himself from feeding into the frenzy.

Because he admitted he has no clue what’s going on around him in this latest bombshell gaffe.

The American public has been subject to the most embarrassing presidency in recent memory for years now.

Biden has stumbled over nothing and fallen up stairs:

He’s called out for a dead Congresswoman in the middle of a speech:

And he’s even fallen asleep at major international conferences:

Now he’s making headlines for mistaking what century he’s living in!

On Wednesday, President Biden labored through a news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, stumbling to find his list of preselected reporters to call on and closing by stating that he is living in the wrong century.

Mr. Biden appeared perplexed over which reporters to call on during the press conference, unable to locate his list of pre-selected reporters who his team determined should be permitted to ask questions.

“Who do I call on next? … Hang on a second. … I’ve got my list here. … I apologize,” Mr. Biden said as he struggled to read the list for several seconds before calling on Aurelia End of AFP.

The president also mishandled a very simple question regarding his message to Arizona voters after the state Supreme Court determined that the state’s 1864 abortion ban is still in effect and enforceable. By issuing its verdict, the court effectively prohibited abortion in Arizona.

“Elect me, I’m in the 20th century,” Mr. Biden, 81, added before correcting himself to the twenty-first century.

Conservative opponents on X criticized Mr. Biden’s ignorance about which century he lives in.

“If this was your elderly parent or grandparent you would pull them off the stage, not allow them to run for reelection of the most powerful country on Earth,” wrote former Trump senior adviser Steve Cortes.

Conservative commentator Steve Guest uploaded a video of the gaffe, saying, “America needs to take the keys away from Joe Biden.”

The joint news conference with Mr. Kishida was Mr. Biden’s first formal press conference since December, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the White House.

Joint press conferences are typically held during visits by world leaders, with reporters from the United States and the visiting leader’s media outlets allowed to ask questions.

Mr. Biden’s team has reduced global leader press briefings, and he has given fewer solo press conferences than his predecessors.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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