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The radical Leftists simply want Donald Trump behind bars. That’s their biggest goal right now.

And now Donald Trump’s received a staggering update about being thrown in the slammer.

According to Newsweek, U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan will not have former President Donald Trump arrested for violating the court’s severe gag order in the case relating to the January 6, 2021, intrusion into the U.S. Capitol. This is despite the jailing demand from the Department of Justice.

Unfortunately for Trump, the gag order was reinstated in a footnote of Chutkan’s verdict on Sunday. According to the footnote, Chutkan denied a motion from prosecutors to condition the former president’s release on his compliance with the gag order.

The government “also asks the court to incorporate the Order into Defendant’s conditions of release,” she noted in the first footnote. “Even assuming that request is procedurally proper,” the court writes, “the court concludes that granting it is not necessary to effectively enforce the Order at this time.”

Special counsel Jack Smith requested a temporary hold on the gag order last month, but Chutkan reinstated it this week. Smith had suggested that Trump’s statements regarding the allegations and personalities involved in the case could cause witnesses to feel threatened and impede the prosecution.

In his opinion piece, Chutkan argued that “the right to a fair trial is not [Trump’s] alone, but belongs also to the government and the public.”

In the midst of an election season, when the government is prosecuting and silencing the Biden administration’s biggest political opponent, the gag order has become a comedy in and of itself.

Newsweek reported that “just 75 minutes after Chutkan gave notice that the order had been reinstated, Trump appeared to violate it by attacking his former attorney general and a potential witness, William P. Barr.”

This was a reaction to former AG Barr’s criticism of Trump’s public speaking abilities, not an attempt to stifle any testimony Barr may make at trial.

Barr, speaking on Friday at the University of Chicago, reportedly said, “His verbal skills are limited,” as reported by The Hill.

“If you get him away from ‘very, very, very’ … you know, the adjectives … they’re unfamiliar to him and they sort of spill out, and he goes too far,” Barr remarked. “He’s not very disciplined when it comes to what he says.”

In order to attack the former attorney general, Trump went on his Truth Social account.

“I called Bill Barr Dumb, Weak, Slow Moving, Lethargic, Gutless, and Lazy, a RINO WHO COULDN’T DO THE JOB,” Trump wrote.

So, Leftists are furious now. Here’s Leftist website Meidas Touch editor and serial social media troll Ron Filipkowski complaining that the post breaks the gag order:

As a republic, we are on uncharted territory due to the confluence of legal proceedings against the outgoing president and the beginning of the presidential election season. If Trump is elected as the Republican nominee in 2020, there will be many difficult cases to resolve. However, the one on January 6 is particularly challenging because it contains political speech that will be essential in the 2024 campaign.

Bill Barr’s characterization of a man who gives two-hour impromptu campaign speeches as verbally “limited” demonstrates that virtually anyone involved in this case in the most peripheral fashion may spew the most nasty things about the former president at any time.

Donald Trump, though? The judge has ordered him to stop his trappings.

Many Democrats would like to see Trump behind bars if he doesn’t.

There are many reasons to doubt Judge Chutkan, but her refusal to allow the Department of Justice to prosecute Trump for breaking an absurd and un-American gag order isn’t one of them.

No matter how much her socialist comrades want to throw the former president in jail, Chutkan made sure on Sunday that we didn’t go farther into banana republic status.

At least not yet.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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