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Joe Biden’s presidency has become a joke in the eyes of many Americans. He’s stepped in it yet again.

Because Joe Biden just shared this stunning photo from inside the White House.

Due to a badly mishandled Twitter promotion, President Joseph Biden has unintentionally disgraced himself once more online.

In a tweet that said nothing more than “Tomorrow,” Biden’s account published a picture of a sign that read “Believe” hanging at the Oval Office entryway on Sunday.

This was done to draw attention to the fact that the president and first lady will be hosting the cast of the popular TV show “Ted Lasso” the next day at the White House to talk about the value of mental health.

The “Believe” slogan is a reference to Coach Lasso’s use of the banner over his office in the locker room to inspire his fictional soccer team, AFC Richmond, according to the pop culture website The Mary Sue.

In addition to promoting the event, Biden believed that this would be a wonderful method to promote the accomplishments of his administration. Nevertheless, Twitter people had other plans, which was terrible for the president.

Many people quickly responded with amusing parodies of the image demonstrating their lack of “belief” in the administration’s competency.

The word “Smoking Area” was added to the sign, and an image of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, puffing on a joint in the Oval Office was added.

Check out the other ones shared on Twitter that we at the DC Daily Journal particularly enjoyed.

The American people clearly do not share Biden’s optimism, despite his attempts to portray his administration as the one that would bring the nation together and resolve its issues.

They view Biden, his family, and his administration as simply another group of dishonest and inept politicians who have done nothing to assist the American people.

Under Biden’s tenure, the economy has been down the drain, the southern border crisis has spiraled out of control, and inflation has ravaged Americans’ bank accounts.

So while the Biden admin wants to pretend like everything is fine, the American people can see right through their games.

That’s why Biden gets blasted on the internet anytime he shows his face.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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