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It’s getting harder and harder to hide the state of the president’s health. It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.

And Biden’s mental breakdown on live TV sent the White House into hysterics.

Americans are getting extremely concerned about Joe Biden’s physical and mental health.

A recent NBC News poll found that 68% of voters are concerned that Biden, 80, does not possess the “necessary” mental and physical health to serve as president, with 55% saying they have “major” concerns.

It doesn’t help that Biden constantly forgets words and stumbles through speeches.

And Biden’s at it again in a recent viral clip.

President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of the island of Maui in a statement in reaction to the flames that devastated the island, instead referring to it as “the one” that “you see on television all the time.”

Biden talked to a gathering of voters in Milwaukee on Tuesday, breaking his quiet on the matter.

He had only a few days before told reporters, “No comment,” when asked about his reaction to the dead and destruction.

After mentioning the island by name earlier in the address, Biden mentioned the military’s presence on the Big Island of Hawaii.

“The Army helicopters helped fire suppression and efforts on the Big Island – because there’s still some burning on the Big Island,” Biden said.

“Not the one that is – not the one where you – you see on television all the time.”

Although Biden mentioned the island earlier in his address, he seemed to forget about it at that point.

Some have speculated that Biden’s seemingly frequent gaffes and other actions indicate that he may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In the same speech, Biden lauded the administration’s successes, including the distribution of $700 checks to Maui families.

Following the announcement of the checks, there was a response against the proposal, with some calling it “insulting” that the government would send such a large sum.

He made the announcement on X, where several people were critical of the financial plan.

Ella Sable Tacderan, a Maui resident, told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that the $700 payments could only cover “one grocery run” and were a “slap in the face” from the US government.

As of Saturday, the death toll on Maui stood at 114. Much of the island of Maui has been ravaged by fires, and search and rescue personnel are still hunting for missing people among the devastation.

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